Basic features: * 1. Large volume mixing tube design, it has a larger loading space and mixing space, uphill to avoid leakage of material phenomena. · 2. blades use a special high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel QSTE420TM production, capacity is 2.5-3 times wear 16Mn, producing a one-time press forming. · 3. Mixing drum with an integrated automatic welding small portable electric concrete mixer (effectively guarantee the quality of welding); mixing tube shot blasting, rust treatment, paint, effectively extending the service life of the mixer; mixing tube using a large lathe (to ensure concentricity, make access to materials That surplus was even 0) · The feed hopper and swing the chute liners were added resistance, improve life. ·  5. The center of gravity than the end of the vehicle has a higher stability when driving. · Truck Description: · Mixer chassis special chassis, engine power should be strong, have taken power plant (can be independently driven), loading massive, concentrated beam having a strong anti-load capacity and torsional strength. Mixers (tops) of special equipment, including a mixing tank, chassis, roller, protection zone, out equipment, hydraulic drive system, the control device fender. · Transmission line: PTO shaft gearbox hydraulic pumps and motors stirred tank · the transmission line shows that there are two times the energy conversion process in the power transmission. First by the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, and then by the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and then drive the mixing tank. Therefore drive for the flexible transmission, and because the hydraulic pump is an adjustable variable displacement pump which allows for variable speed. ·  Hydraulic system: hydraulic system mixer used is a closed system, and equipped with cooling loop and the charge inlet line. Hydraulic variable axial piston pump comes with a charge pump, quantitative axial piston motor, gearbox and a planetary gear unit has a row of swing angle. ·  Control devices: mixer is controlled by controlling the hydraulic Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers Germany pump and the engine throttle to achieve. By changing the angle of the slide plate hydraulic piston pump displacement is changed to alter speed mixing tank, changing the pump plunger tendency to alter the flow of the slide plate to achieve positive reversal. By adjusting engine throttle to vary the speed stirred tank. · Welcome calls, the communication consulting cement mixer Price (real-time) *  Cement mixer structural principle · Cement mixer from the vehicle chassis and concrete mixing transport special device. Chinas production of cement mixer chassis to use more vehicle manufacturers to provide two types of common chassis. Its special mechanism includes power take off, before mixing tube frame, gearbox, hydraulic systems, the mixing tube, steering mechanism, the cleaning system. Works by taking the power plant will power the vehicle chassis removed and driven variable displacement pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass quantitative motor, the motor and then drive gear by gear driven stirring means for concrete stirring. · 1. Take power plant · Domestic cement mixer using the main vehicle engine power take off mode. PTO action means taking power by manipulating the switch will remove the engine power, the hydraulic system driven mixing tube, the mixing tube forward rotation of the feed and transport, in order to facilitate the feed and for concrete mixing, when the anti-material rotation, in the end cut off after working with engine power connections. · 2. Hydraulic system · The power of the engine by removing the PTO, into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then the motor output mechanical energy (speed and torque) as a mixing tube is rotated to provide power. · 3. reducer · After the hydraulic system motor output speed reducer, passed to the mixing tube. · The operating mechanism · (1) control the mixing drum rotation direction to make it in China Brand High quality mobile concrete batch plant the feed and transport the forward rotation, reverse rotation when the material. * (2) control the speed of the mixing tube. · 5. The mixing device · Stirring device consists of mixing tube and ancillary support components. Mixing tube is loaded container concrete, when the concrete along the direction of motion of rotating spiral vanes, constantly upgrading and turning process by mixing and stirring. In the feeding and transport, mixing tube is transferred, the concrete along the blade inward movement, when the material, the mixing tube inverted concrete discharged outward along the blade. · Blade stirring device is a major component, can cause damage or serious wear concrete mixing uneven. In addition, if the angle of the blade design is unreasonable, but also to the emergence of concrete segregation. · 6. Cleaning System * The main effect of the cleaning system is to clean the mixing tube, sometimes used for transit mix dry feed tube. Cleaning system also cooling effect of the hydraulic system.